Horses / Hästar


Riding Camp
Classical Dressage & Horsemanship

Summer Riding Camp 17-19 July 2020

Boost your inspiration!
Develop together with your horse, practice dressage, horsemanship, work in hand and communication and become closer and more refined together as a unity.

In the mornings we practice yoga, enjoy our breakfast and care for ourselves. During the days we ride, train, learn and grow together. In the evenings we enjoy delicious food and talk until the evening is late and our inspiration is high!

Private Lessons

Thursday’s are the day for private lessons at Lovetowncastle.
Come with your horse and practice classical dressage with us.
We take time to properly go through the basics and make sure that horses and riders are developing together, without misunderstandings.

800 SEK/lesson (1h)
Call and book your time:)

Our facilities

We have beautiful horse facilities with stables, turn out paddocks,
an indoor arena (60m x 20m) an outdoor arena (50m x 30m) and a round pen (15m/o).
To use the indoor arena: 200 SEK per person and horse/hour
(book your time with Sara via sms 0701-427500)


Our Horses


Odinn frá Midkoti
- 1998, Icelandic gelding

Stæll frá Miðkoti (Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum)
Odinn is the perfect horse. He is small, yellow, kind, smart and super well trained.
He is schooled to piaffe, passage and levade. He loves children and light adults and is the safest horse on earth, nothing can scare him.


Newton TH
- 2013, SWB, Ampere-Chirac

Newton is a bay gelding after the beautiful sire Ampere, 173 cm.
He is enthusiastic and positive and has excellent gaits. Newton has a wonderful personality and would do anything you’d ask for. He is very kind, yet a bit sensitive and is learning to become a future dressage horse.


Metallica TH (36)
-2012, SWB, Chiron-Rubinrot

Metallica is our amazing superb breeding mare, who is not only an excellent mother but also an excellent individual. She is very steady and calm, and incredibly feminine.
She has big, fluent, airy gaits and an elegant side.
She is mother of Chablis LTC.


Þjóð frá Hjarðartúni
-2012, Icelandic mare

Darri frá Hjarðartúni (Hnokki frá Fellskoti) - Ófeigur frá Flugumýri
Þjóð is a wonderful 5-gaited mare. She has big gaits, a very good tölt and is schooled in dressage to shoulder-in, traverse and leg yield. She is also a fantastic mother to Dis (Tristan frá Hásæti), and Saga (born 2019) after Jarl frá Miðkrika.


Chablis LTC (36)
-2018, SWB, Dragon Welt-Chiron

Chablis LTC is a beautiful white mare, with really good gaits.
She is born 2018, our first-born foal from Metallica TH.
She has lovely personality, loves people and most of all apples.


Dis från Lovetown Castle
-2018, Icelandic mare

Tristan frá Hásæti - Darri frá Hjarðartúni (Hnokki frá Fellskoti)
Dis is our firstborn from Þjóð frá Hjarðartúni.
She is a white 5-gaited mare, who is curious and very kind.


Tópas från Änghaga
-2018, Icelandic stallion

e: Limbo från Änghaga
Tópas is our big, beautiful 5-gaited stallion, born 2018.
We have high hopes for him to become as amazing as we know he can be.