The Farm

Lovetowncastle, the farm, the home, the venue, the yoga studio, the retreat, the secret hide away, The Castle.

We are located in the midst of beautiful Österlen, in the southern most county of Sweden, Skåne. We have many passion and hobbies, and we do them all. We love horses, which is also the reason why we live here. But we also love Yoga, Wellness, Cykling, Swimming, Surfing, Hiking, Vegan Cooking and much more… Below, you can get a brief idea of what we offer. And if you are curious to get to know us better, don’t hesitate to ping us!


About Us

Lovetowncastle is a small, beautiful horse farm, yoga studio and wellness hide away in beautiful Österlen, in the south of Sweden. It is rather a very small farm than a castle, yet it’s called a castle for more reasons than one, located outside the small little village of Lövestad (Lovetown). A Castle can’t exist without a queen and a farm not without a farmer. The farm is foremost run by me, a farmer, yogi, rider, surfer and wellness nerd, Sara Silfverberg, but not alone. By my side I have the most amazing collaborators, neighbours, friends and partners that all makes this little paradise bloom and blossom. Together we all focus on wellness, for the body, the mind and the soul. We care about the people the same way we care about the horses. We want to give everyone the absolute best experience they can get. To relax, to learn, to become stronger, longer, wiser, more relaxed, to sleep better, eat healthier, choose wiser and be who they truly are.


The Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio is a beautiful space, with room for 12 Yoga mats, if thinking about yoga. This space is also the perfect room for courses, theory lessons, small conferences and team buildings, with room for 20-25 people in theatre / circle / horse shoe seating. This space can be equipped with projector/screen/chairs or any other practical must-haves.


The Horse Facilities

The farm has a large 20x60 indoor arena, with slightly harder footing, fit for dressage and Icelandic horses, a large 25 x 45 outdoor arena and a round pen. We have a beautiful stable with 10 horse stalls in total, turnout paddocks and a larger field for grazing. We breed, board, and train horses here. We give private lessons and riding camps for adults and children. We also rent out the entire facility or parts of it, for smaller training camps, courses, clinics and events.


The Apartment - Lilla Gårdshuset - Air BnB

The farm has a beautiful apartment - Lilla Gårdshuset - a top noche, but very small living space with a small kitchen, tiled bathroom and shower with a washing machine and dryer, a large dining table (12 people), a beautiful private bedroom fit for two and a 2 person bed-sofa. Lilla Gårdshuset can be used as the perfect dining/break-out area for small conferences and events, but also as the perfect vacation home for guests who wants to live luxurious but privately in a beautiful country side setting.

The Area - Österlen

Lovetowncastle is the perfect venue for small and personal yoga and wellness retreats, riding courses, horse clinics, team buildings and mini-conferences. At the same time, it is also the perfect vacation spot and farm stay for your holidays with closeness to wonderful nature, beaches, surf-spots, hiking, biking and horse riding with small unique vegan (, french and michelin guide restaurants, a chocolate factory and a wine castles as your closets neighbour .

Ale Stenar

Ale Stenar

Ale Stenar - Ale Stones

Ale's Stones is a megalithic monument in Scania in southern Sweden. It is a stone ship, oval in outline, with the stones at each end markedly larger than the rest. It is 67 m long formed by 59 large boulders, weighing up to 1.8 tonnes each.

Kåseberga Surfspot

Kåseberga Surfspot

Surfspots at Österlen

Located about 10 km east of Ystad, this is the most southern break in Sweden. Wide swell window, but like all Baltic breaks, needs strong onshore winds to have anything rideable. No crowds or pollution.

Österlen Chocolate Factory

Österlen Chocolate Factory

Österlen Choklad

Natural bonbons, made from real, locally sourced ingredients. Made by hand in our factory, that once was an old schoolhouse, in the heart of Österlen

Madame Blå - French Café

Madame Blå - French Café

Madame Blå - French Café

Madame Blå is an amazing French café in Skåne-Tranås in the beautiful Österlen. Everything you find at Madame Blå is homemade with seasonal ingredients and locally grown. Crepes, Galettes, Cakes and Soups are some of their specialities…

Daniel Berlin Krog - Restaurant

Daniel Berlin Krog - Restaurant

Daniel Berlin Krog - Michelin Guide Restaurant

Daniel Berlin Krog is one of the finest dining experiences one can possibly have in Sweden. Make sure to book a few 3-6 month in advance to secure your spot; and you will have a ding experience you’ve never had.

Knäbäckshusen Beach - Österlen

Knäbäckshusen Beach - Österlen

Österlen Beaches

Nature offers lots of variety at Österlen. Here, nature is never difficult to access. The beautiful beaches along the Ystad & Österlen nearly five mil-long coast are relentless. Here you can enjoy beach life in several ways. All year round there is a beach for everyone, whatever your mood or the weather.

Essential Oils

LTC_essential oils2.jpg

Essential oils - Natural and healing

We love to work with Essential oils to deepen the effects of our different treatments. Essential oils are both fragrance and function. Since ancient times, they have been used to create fragrances and perfumes and for their natural medicine effect.

We are making our own Essential Oils

When carefully and lovingly make our own oils. We use a base of natural ecological oil from jojoba, rose and almond and balanced mix of plant and flower essence and blend this with petals, leaves and flowers from herbs and plants.